Agon League

Important news!

Friends, unfortunately, we had technical problems with the display of the start time of qualification on the official site.

In this regard, the European team Hold My Beer failed to appear on time for the match (according to the site, the qualification began at 17.00 instead of the actual 15.00). We were forced to award a technical defeat and send a command to the lower grid.

The captain of “HmB” contacted us and explained the whole situation in detail. This incident, in our opinion, is not the fault of the Polish team. We conferred and made the following decision – we are expanding the number of teams of participants to 18 and returning to the game two of the best qualifications, left overboard the main stage – “Hold my Beer” and “Black Queen”. Welcome to the league!

How will this affect the league?

  1. The number of teams in each division increased to 9
  2. You will see exactly 14 more spectacular matches;)
  3. To get an invite for the next season, you need to get to the top 7 of your group

The relevant points of the regulation will be corrected soon. Thank you for being with us 😉

Agon League team